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Reporter Spotlight: Terrence Curtin '90, CEO of TE Connectivity

“I came out of college as a finance person. I dream in numbers,” laughs Terrence Curtin ’90, CEO of TE Connectivity. “But I feel passionate about inclusion and diversity because it’s helped in my own learning. Through my 17 years at TE, I’ve been able to grow up in a truly global world. It was a shock to my system coming from Albright — a few square blocks — to get thrown in a global stage. But Albright gave me a good foundation; I learned diversity of thought. As someone who was still maturing in college, around the scholarly side of things, it opened my mind. That’s what’s neat about Albright. When you think about the liberal arts element: how do you broaden someone’s thinking when they’re coming out of school to make sure they get that dexterity in thinking as they get older?”
Read more in “From Hometown Boy to Global Business Leader” | Albright Reporter.

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