Five New Faculty Members Join Albright College

Reading, Pa. – Five new full-time faculty members have joined Albright College this year from around the world. The new faculty members are:
Jonathan Geruntho, Ph.D., visiting assistant professor of chemistry, earned his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Albright College in 2010. Geruntho received a doctorate in chemistry from Washington State University where he developed a linker for cancer therapeutics that results in controlled release dependent on pH. This graduate research was the subject of several publications and a patent application. He held a postdoctoral position at the University of Pittsburgh testing the viability of linked prostate cancer inhibitors using a model system.
Chloé Anne Grosse, visiting instructor of French, a Fulbright award recipient, received both a bachelor’s degree in English literature and civilization, and a master’s degree, from the Sorbonne in Paris. Grosse spent a year in England as a French teaching assistant and taught for one year in a high school in Paris. Last year, she returned to the Sorbonne to earn a higher English teaching diploma called the agrégation.  
Luca Bazzi Otero, visiting instructor of Spanish, a Fulbright award recipient, received a bachelor’s degree in translation and interpretation with a specialty in English and French from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain, and a master’s degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign language at the Universidad Nebrija in Madrid. Otero has worked as a Spanish teacher in Paris, Martinique and Madrid.
Adam Owenz, MBA, visiting assistant professor of marketing, earned his bachelor’s degree in marketing from Albright in 2003, and his master’s in business administration from Kutztown University. Owenz is a creative marketer, manager and educator with 12 years of experience in marketing, sales, business development, fundraising, communications and team leadership. He has taught at Florida International University and Millersville University. He has also worked in the area of development and alumni relations at FIU and Pepperdine University. From 2005 to 2006, he served as the assistant director of Albright’s Annual Fund.
Artress White, Ph.D., visiting assistant professor of American cultural studies, received a master’s degree in creative writing and American literature from New York University, and a doctorate in English from the University of Kentucky. For more than 10 years, she served on the faculty at Carson-Newman College in Jefferson City, Tenn. White is the author of Fast Fat Girls in Pink Hot Pants, a collection of her poems, and her poetry has appeared in many journals and collections. She received the Mary Hambidge Distinguished Fellowship from the Hambidge Center for Creative Arts for her nonfiction, and the Mona Van Duyn Scholarship in poetry from the Sewanee Writers’ Conference.

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