Megan Keller

Going confidently into medical school

Falling in love with science as early as seventh grade and studying in the biology, pre-medical and public health programs at Albright College, Megan Keller is on a fast track toward a medical career in primary care and a possible future specialization in oncology or fertility.

“I love helping people and problem solving so I thought a medical career would be perfect,” said Keller. “I hope to find new techniques to fight against cancers and help treat patients.”

Following a long line of successful Albright applicants, Keller was accepted into the Early Assurance Program at Penn State College of Medicine — Hershey this year, as an Albright junior.

“This acceptance is a great stepping stone on my journey to become a doctor and work in the medical field. It means so much to me to have a place like Penn State Hershey believe in me and to be able to give me the opportunity to learn for the next part of my medical field journey.”

Encouraged to take part in life outside of the lab, Albright pre-med students often find themselves taking on leadership roles around campus. In addition to tutoring peer students in science and foreign language, Keller is Captain of Albright’s field hockey team and Social Media Coordinator for the college’s NCAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.

Megan Keller is a forward/midfielder and Captain of Albright’s field hockey team.

This overall experience is a good fit for Penn State Hershey, which seeks “students who bring a full, rigorous and holistic background of study and experiences to medical school and who are poised for the depth and breadth of learning demanded for tomorrow’s physician scholars and leaders.”

“What most led to my acceptance is the help from my advisors and professors,” said Keller. “They really pushed me to be the best version of myself and they always believed in me. They gave me confidence when taking classes and applying to the program.”

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