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Faculty and Students Exploring Special Topics

Students are exploring nearly a dozen special course topics at Albright this fall, including “Public Opinion and American Democracy,” “Audio Game Design,” “Hitchcock Film and Texts” and “The Bible and Pop Culture.”
Michael Armato, Ph.D., assistant professor of political science, is teaching two special courses on different aspects of politics this fall. In “Public Opinion and American Democracy,” students delve into the different ways public opinion is articulated and studied, the manner of how people form, change and shape opinions, and how opinions impact policymakers.
After becoming acquainted with how power is perceived and studied, students in Armato’s “Power and Seminal Readings in the American Polity” class will read major works by various American scholars. “By the end of the class, students will realize different personifications of power and recognize influential literature across the field of American politics,” says Armato.
For students in Albright’s Game and Simulation Development degree program, Wil Lindsay, M.F.A., assistant professor of digital media, is leading a course on the creation and application of music and sound design as used in contemporary games, video and other digital media. His students will learn how to mix and synchronize soundtrack elements to video.
In addition, Robert Sessengood, M.Div., Ph.D., associate professor of religious studies, is working with students to explore uses of the Bible across pop culture, including television and film. And honors students are viewing and analyzing Hitchcock film and texts as well as other works of literature with Gary Adelstein, MFA, associate professor of English and art — to study the style of Classical Hollywood Cinema.

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