Costa Rica group photo

Discovering Costa Rica!

During Interim session, biology professors Stephen Mech, Ph.D., and Karen Campbell, Ph.D., led a tropical ecology travel course to Albright’s 5-acre field research facility. “This experience provides students with both scientific education in terms of designing and implementing a field study using ecosystems they have only read about, and it also exposes them to a different culture including language, food and social interactions. On the first day, Dr. Campbell and I enjoy watching the students gawk at all the new plants and animals. The first time students see a toucan or an oropendola, they are amazed. By the end of the trip, however, toucans are no longer novel (although there are many other birds that still impress the students). By the end of the trip, most students have acquired the basic skills necessary for becoming a good naturalist. All this is stimulated by the incredible biodiversity of Costa Rica.”
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