Deborah Afolabi

Albright student earns Philly Ad Club scholarship

Albright College sophomore, Deborah Afolabi ’22, has been selected as the Philly Ad Club’s Jeff Finken Memorial Scholarship winner for 2020. Majoring in communications with a focus in public relations and advertising, Afolabi is a Writing Center tutor and president of the Albright Arts Magazine.

Deborah Afolabi ’22 — Photo by John Pankratz

Sponsored by PHL 17 TV, the $2,500 Jeff Finken Memorial Scholarship is a special award honoring a dedicated employee who passed away at a relatively young age from cancer. He was a constant Philly Ad Club volunteer and organized the club’s active softball league.

Unanimously nominated for the Philly Ad Club scholarship by Albright communication faculty, Afolabi has found journalism and classroom success, earning awards for both areas last spring.

Professionally, Afolabi has worked to gain communication field experience on- and off-campus.

“She has worked to gain experience and build her network whenever possible,” said Jose Aviles, Ph.D., assistant professor of advertising and public relations. “As president of the Albright Arts Magazine, she leads a devoted team of writers and graphic designers while covering an array of campus happenings. Previously, she served as a marketing intern for the Weinberg Center for the Arts, contributing to all aspects of public communications.”

Afolabi also put her knowledge to the test, earning a top three placement for Advertising Design in regional competition.

A non-profit organization with more than 2,500 members, Philly Ad Club is one of the region’s largest and most active trade associations, representing Greater Philadelphia digital and ad agencies, media buying agencies, broadcast and print media, as well as public relations firms and specialty agencies. Through the Philly Ad Club Educational Foundation, members support the Philly’s Future Scholarship Fund and the Philly Ad Club TEENS Program.

An in-person Philly Ad Club celebration event has been postponed due to COVID-19.

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