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Albright College undergraduates pursue ACRE research

Through Albright Creative Research Experience (ACRE) projects, undergraduate students conduct research or pursue creative endeavors outside of regular semester sessions. Student proposals that are accepted by a faculty review board are rewarded with college stipends.

ACRE students work one-on-one with faculty mentors to pursue scholarly projects each summer and winter. Many collaborative teams of students and faculty present their research at academic conferences and publish their results in professional journals. All ACRE recipients share their progress during ACRE events and regular meetings. Finished work is expected to be presented in one or more presentations in the following semester. Summer 2022 ACRE participants include:

Christopher Bilik ’23, History major
Guillaume de Syon, Ph.D. Professor of History
“The Fight for Recognition for the Experiences of Japanese Americans in World War II and How That Connects to the Present-Day Struggles of the Asian American Community”

Nicholas Griffith ’22, Environmental Science major
Michael D’Errico, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Music
“Does Spatial Variation of Disturbance in a Forest Affect Plant Community Composition?”

Libby Harford ’23, American Civilization major John Pankratz, Ph.D. Professor of History
“Songs of Democracy: The Evolution of the Presidential Campaign Song”

Erika Jerrahian ’23, Biology major
Erin Ventresca, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology
“Creation of Transgenic Drosophila Line to Determine the Role of Akt in Diadzein-dependent Larval Lethality”

Kyle Kartchner ’23, Music major
Michael D’Errico, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Music
“Building Connections Across Music and Games”

Megan Keller ’23, Biology major
Adam R. Hersperger, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Biology
“Understanding the Importance of the Ectromelia Growth Factor Protein to Virus Replication”

Kamaryn Koch ’23, Biology major
Ian Cost, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Biology
“Comparing Cardiovascular Anatomy of Different Avian Species”

Marcela Kraft, Applied Psychology major
Laura Gelety, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology
Life after Trauma – A Shift from Childhood Trauma to Mental and Physical Well-Being in Adulthood”

Noah Kulp ’24, Biology major
David T. Osgood, Ph.D. Professor of Biology
“Understanding the Effects of Timbering Disturbances on Succession of Understory Plant Communities Within Eastern Deciduous Forests”

Olivia Oatman ’23, Fashion major
MeeAe Oh-Ranck, M.S. Instructor of Fashion Merchandising
“Fashion Shouldn’t Cost The Earth: re-Design Fashion Sustainability”

Brian Pan ’25, Physics major
Brian J. Buerke, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Physics
“Quantum Advantage in the Modified Penny Flip Game”

Lisa Statler ’23, English/Philosophy major
Midori E. Hartman Ph.D. Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
“Ethan Allen Hitchcock: Tracing Esoteric Philosophy from Antiquity to the Renaissance and Beyond”

Zyaire Valentine ’23, Fashion major
Paula Trimpey, M.F.A. Professor of Theatre and Fashion
“Testing the Design and Construction Limitations of Imitation Patent Leather Stretch Knit Fabric”

Alyssa Zerbe ’24, Art major
Justin J. Couchman, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology
“Piercings and Tattoos: Do They Leave Marks on Perception”

Binya Zhang ’23, Biology major
Amy S. Greene, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
“Bafilomycin Drugs and Temperature Effects on Contractile Vacuole Contraction Rate in Vorticella Convallaria”

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