Heena Brahmbhatt in Namibia, South Africa.

Fighting HIV through equality

As a senior researcher at the Perinatal HIV Research Unit at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, Albright biochemistry graduate, Heena Brahmbhatt ’93, has made leading contributions to the field of prevention of HIV transmission from mothers to children in sub-Saharan Africa.

Heena Brahmbhatt in Namibia, South Africa.
Heena Brahmbhatt (left) in Namibia, South Africa.

But the biggest turn in her career began with advice from retired Albright history professor, Kathleen Greenfield.

“I still remember her sitting me down and saying, ‘You know, you come from a culture where you don’t ask questions, you don’t let teachers get to know you,’” said Brahmbhatt, “and you need to make the effort to get people to know you and speak up.’”

That advice paid off for Brahmbhatt, leading to acceptance into Johns Hopkins University’s graduate program in public health.

“I never looked back,” she says. “I abandoned the idea of medical school and went on to do my Ph.D. in public health.”

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