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Preparing graduates for a multibillion-dollar industry<\/em><\/p>\n\n\n\n

Each year, bright, dazzling contemporary styles compete with swimsuits and gothic ballroom gowns as media spotlights shine on New York Fashion Week runways.<\/p>\n\n\n\n

And Albright College fashion students and alumni are there.<\/p>\n\n\n\n

Planning for the college\u2019s main Fifth Avenue event, about 50 students stand backstage for the first time \u2014 among racks of carefully hung dresses, rows of hair and makeup stations and industry professionals, taking direction from fashion event expert Scott French, Albright class of 1985.<\/p>\n\n\n\n

Jonathan Otero, class of 2020, is ecstatic. His designs will be shown to international media this evening alongside the work of several other Albright alumni and students.<\/p>\n\n\n\n

\u201cWe\u2019re trying to stay calm right now because of the rush and everything \u2014 it doesn\u2019t feel real,\u201d he says. \u201cThis is everything we worked for in undergrad, just dreaming and hoping and wishing that one day we\u2019re showing at New York Fashion Week \u2014 and we\u2019re here. So, this is it.\u201d<\/p>\n\n\n\n

Meanwhile, Sarah Kim, class of 2024, is finishing strong at Albright, where she has continued to nurture her passion for garment formation and theatrical costumes. For Kim, the New York Fashion Week showcase is akin to a live portfolio, accentuated with bright overhead lights and upbeat music.<\/p>\n\n\n\n


\u201cIt\u2019s really exciting to see the things that you\u2019ve spent a large portion of your year creating as a final product, all together,\u201d she says.<\/p>\n\n\n\n

Albright\u2019s award-winning fashion program prepares students for a wide range of careers in a multifaceted, multibillion-dollar industry. As a result, its graduates work around the world as designers, celebrity stylists, influencers, production executives and more. Their employers include the likes of Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Swarovski Crystal, to name a few. Many have gone on to start their own thriving businesses.<\/p>\n\n\n\n

At Albright, students are immersed in fashion from the very first day, working side by side with faculty mentors.<\/p>\n\n\n\n

\u201cOur professors at Albright are all so amazing and they have a lot to give,\u201d says Olivia Connor, class of 2018.<\/p>\n\n\n\n

In addition to separate programs in costume design, design and merchandising, fashion design and fashion merchandising, students also take advantage of Albright\u2019s co-major program, combining fashion with another area of study, such as business, computer science, communications \u2014 even environmental studies.<\/p>\n\n\n\n


In fact, nearly half of Albright students take advantage of the college\u2019s distinctive co-major programs, which enable students to cross or combine different programs, without taking longer to graduate.<\/p>\n\n\n\n

Between strong academics and its proud designation as the sole undergraduate college whose students and alumni unveiled designs on New York Fashion Week runways over the last two years, Albright has earned recent accolades. The college has earned a top fashion design school ranking by Fashion-Schools.org (#27 nationally) and a top three placement for Pennsylvania fashion design schools by College Factual.<\/p>\n\n\n\n

Be sure to follow along as more Albright student and alumni designs are slated to hit the 2023 New York Fashion Week runway this September.<\/p>\n","post_title":"In the spotlight: Albright College Fashion","post_excerpt":"","post_status":"publish","comment_status":"closed","ping_status":"closed","post_password":"","post_name":"in-the-spotlight-albright-college-fashion","to_ping":"","pinged":"","post_modified":"2023-04-18 16:01:42","post_modified_gmt":"2023-04-18 16:01:42","post_content_filtered":"","post_parent":0,"guid":"https:\/\/news.albright.edu\/?p=63234","menu_order":0,"post_type":"post","post_mime_type":"","comment_count":"0","filter":"raw","image":"https:\/\/news.albright.edu\/wp-content\/uploads\/2023\/04\/CostumeDesign.jpg"},{"ID":63230,"post_author":"10","post_date":"2023-04-14 17:10:08","post_date_gmt":"2023-04-14 17:10:08","post_content":"\n

Complementing its popular communications<\/a> majors in Journalism<\/strong> and Public Relations and Advertising<\/strong>, Albright College has launched three new minors in the areas of Strategic Communications, Media Studies and Journalism.<\/p>\n\n\n\n

Strategic Communications<\/strong><\/p>\n\n\n\n

Expanding skills in writing, online marketing and public speaking, students pursuing a minor in Strategic<\/strong> Communications<\/strong> will learn about factors that go into developing a strategic communications campaign, as well as the expectations for strategic communications materials. They will learn how to conduct strategic audience research and analyze campaign effectiveness.<\/p>\n\n\n\n

Because most industries today rely on market research, strategic communications professionals are employed across many different fields. And, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics<\/a>, employment of bachelor\u2019s degree holding market research analysts is projected to grow 19% from 2021 to 2031 \u2014 much faster than the average for all occupations.<\/p>\n\n\n\n

Media Studies<\/strong><\/p>\n\n\n\n

Students pursing the Media Studies<\/strong> minor will study the role of media in society and explore electives in areas such as documentaries, media economics, media law, gaming culture, representation and Latin American media.<\/p>\n\n\n\n


Bolstered by the college\u2019s varied campus media outlets, Albright\u2019s Journalism <\/strong>program is designed to help students develop an understanding of news media practices, values and formats. Students will learn how to gather and make sense of information from diverse sources and write compelling news stories for print or online publication and take advantage of the college\u2019s radio station, online newspaper and arts magazine to develop portfolios demonstrating expertise.<\/p>\n\n\n\n

While effective communication skills are in demand across a range of employment fields, learning how to comprehend and assess media in the age of over-information is valuable as students evaluate and evolve in their personal and professional lives, and understand the world in which they live.<\/p>\n","post_title":"Albright adds three Communications minors","post_excerpt":"","post_status":"publish","comment_status":"closed","ping_status":"closed","post_password":"","post_name":"albright-adds-three-communications-minors","to_ping":"","pinged":"","post_modified":"2023-04-14 17:10:08","post_modified_gmt":"2023-04-14 17:10:08","post_content_filtered":"","post_parent":0,"guid":"https:\/\/news.albright.edu\/?p=63230","menu_order":0,"post_type":"post","post_mime_type":"","comment_count":"0","filter":"raw","image":"https:\/\/news.albright.edu\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/06\/digital-marketing-NEWS.jpg"},{"ID":63217,"post_author":"10","post_date":"2023-02-23 14:31:22","post_date_gmt":"2023-02-23 14:31:22","post_content":"\n

Albright College has added an innovative co-major in vocal performance <\/strong>to its full slate of undergraduate majors and minors<\/a>. Aspiring vocal artists who envision careers in the worlds of musical theatre, opera, jazz and pop will train together through a series of vocal skills courses and performing opportunities designed to prepare singers to meet the needs of various arenas within the contemporary music industry.<\/p>\n\n\n\n

Singing artists will personalize their Albright College vocal performance degree by combining vocal and performance skill work with a co-major<\/a> in a second area, such as theatre, music industry, music production, biology, psychology, etc., and enter professional careers as varied as performance, music education and speech pathology. <\/p>\n\n\n\n

Nearly half<\/em> of Albright students take advantage of Albright\u2019s distinctive co-major programs, which enable students to cross or combine different programs, without taking longer to graduate<\/a>. Artistically-minded high school students are encouraged to submit portfolios and apply for Albright College Talent Awards<\/a> in the areas of vocal and instrumental music, as well as creative writing, journalism, electronic digital instrument, music business, arts administration, theatre, visual and digital art, fashion and costume design.<\/p>\n\n\n\n

In addition to taking part in Albright\u2019s active performance groups and musical productions, students will benefit from an innovative Vocal Performance Studio<\/strong> \u2014 the creative epicenter of this innovative co-major. The studio serves as an experiential lab where singing artists perform for and with each other, encouraging the practical application of skills, techniques and vocabularies introduced in Albright courses.<\/p>\n\n\n\n

\"We can't wait to welcome the next generation of singing artists into our new vocal performance co-major here at Albright College, said Jeffrey Lentz<\/a>, senior artist in residence. \u201cMy colleagues and I began the design process for this innovative training program by asking ourselves what skills and experiences we wish we had been exposed to from our training programs when we were their age \u2014 preparing to enter the music world. With flexibility and vision, we will work side by side with our students to deepen their artistry and broaden their creative horizons.\u201dAlbright College has added an innovative co-major in\u00a0vocal performance <\/strong>to its full slate of\u00a0undergraduate majors and minors<\/a>.<\/em><\/p>\n","post_title":"Albright adds vocal performance co-major<\/strong>","post_excerpt":"","post_status":"publish","comment_status":"closed","ping_status":"closed","post_password":"","post_name":"albright-adds-vocal-performance-co-major","to_ping":"","pinged":"","post_modified":"2023-02-23 14:31:22","post_modified_gmt":"2023-02-23 14:31:22","post_content_filtered":"","post_parent":0,"guid":"https:\/\/news.albright.edu\/?p=63217","menu_order":0,"post_type":"post","post_mime_type":"","comment_count":"0","filter":"raw","image":"https:\/\/news.albright.edu\/wp-content\/uploads\/2023\/02\/vocal2023.jpeg"}]