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Albright featured in Science Magazine

Science Magazine, widely considered one of the world’s top academic journals, published an article about Pennsylvania Representative Chrissy Houlahan’s scientific approach to choosing the Albright Science Research Institute (SRI) to receive federal funding. According to Science, Houlahan was the sole legislator to simulate peer review to make her selection process more rigorous.

“Earmarks should represent the ‘highest and best use’ of federal dollars,” said Houlahan.

Albright President Jacquelyn S. Fetrow, Ph.D. told Science that she believes “SRI can help the college produce graduates with the technical skills and business savvy to revitalize a regional economy that has been shedding manufacturing and retail jobs for decades.”

While building visionary projects and products, SRI students learn about protecting their intellectual property and understanding business opportunities and high-value career paths that might be available as a result of their efforts. Nine past participants hold patents for their SRI work.

Read “Congress restores spending on earmarks—but with rules to remove the odor,” in Science.

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