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Albright continues to climb in Washington Monthly rankings

Earnings by Albright graduates outpace 91% of liberal arts colleges ranked by Washington Monthly

After studying approximately 1,500 private and public colleges across the country, Washington Monthly has ranked 199 Best Liberal Arts Colleges for 2023, based on their contribution to the public good. Albright College, in Reading, Pa., has moved up in Washington Monthly’s Best Colleges list each of the last several years, to a position of 93 for 2023.

Similarly, Albright has earned higher placement on the publication’s Best Bang for the Buck ranking each of the last several years, reaching 110 out of 388 ranked schools for 2023.

Washington Monthly ranks contribution to the public good in three broad categories: social mobility, research, and providing opportunities for public service. Its Best Bang for the Buck colleges are ranked by how well they help non-wealthy students obtain marketable degrees at affordable prices.

Earnings outpace 91% of ranked colleges

Albright is ranked 18 out of 199 for earnings performance, outpacing 91% of other liberal arts colleges that earned recognition by Washington Monthly this year.

And with an eye toward advancing social mobility — only eight other ranked colleges had more Pell graduates than Albright. Students receiving Pell grants typically come from households whose family incomes are less than $50,000 annually, with most money going to students with total family incomes below $20,000. Recognizing that about half of Albright students are the first in their family to attend college and a significant number are Pell recipients, the college continues to advance offerings in support of students who face academic and social challenges. 

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