Lennie Amores

Spanish professor earns exemplary teaching award

This year, the United Methodist Church Exemplary Teaching Award recognizes Lennie Amores, Ph.D., assistant professor of Spanish for excellence as a teacher who emphasizes service to students and contributes to the scholarly life of Albright College.

Lennie Amores
Lennie Amores, Ph.D., assistant professor of Spanish

Amores has expressed a tireless devotion to students through diversified approaches in language pedagogy. Amores has additionally provided course content through study abroad and interdisciplinary collaboration within the college’s general education offerings. One hallmark of her productivity was the debut of an open online textbook “Nuestra communidad Latina,” co-authored with colleague Janice E. Rodríguez, M.A. The text makes use of multi-media content, linked in part to the local Reading, Pennsylvania community.

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