Heidi Mau

Heidi Mau honored for scholarship work

Heidi Mau, Ph.D., assistant professor of communications, earned the Henry P. and M. Paige Laughlin Annual Distinguished Faculty Award for Scholarship this spring. The award honors a faculty member who demonstrates exemplary scholarship in their field.

Heidi Mau, Ph.D., assistant professor of communications

Mau is a prolific and creative scholar whose recent publications address diverse topics such as citizenship and cultural identity, sportswomen’s apparel and authenticity in popular music. In addition to her extensive research on public memory and media representations of activist Harvey Milk, Mau is pursuing qualitative research into LGBTQ+ media fan cultures.

Having presented her work widely at international conferences and conventions, Mau’s research only strengthens her commitment to students and innovative teaching. Her forthcoming book chapter on community-engaged pedagogy, for example, describes how her graphic-design students collaborated with local writers and performers to create a published book. She has mentored student theses and ACRE projects, and her research into media audiences has led to lively classroom discussions and a new elective course on media and fan culture.

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