Bridget Hearon, Ph.D.

Bridget Hearon earns Shirk Award for faculty scholarship

Bridget Hearon, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology at Albright College, has been named the Class of ’49 Annadora Vesper Shirk Award for Faculty Scholarship winner for 2021.

Bridget Hearon, Ph.D.

The Class of ’49 Annadora Vesper Shirk Award for Faculty Scholarship recognizes an Albright College faculty member who best exemplifies a commitment to scholarship or creativity, especially as it pertains to a specialized and recent body of work.

Hearon is accomplished and prolific in her area of scholarship with more than 40 articles and invited chapters in peer-reviewed journals and scholarly texts.

Her research interests focus on the identification of psychological factors that lead to certain types of health behaviors. And while her commitment to this line of research contributes to a better understanding of the health behaviors, it also helps individuals who struggle in these domains.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Hearon continued to present at conferences, mentor a student working on an honors thesis, collaborate with a student on an Albright Creative Research Experience (ACRE) project, and pen several papers accepted for publication. 

Hearon’s education includes a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bryn Mawr College, Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy in psychology from Boston University, and a clinical internship with McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School.

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