Artress White

Artress White Earns Trio Award for Poetry

Artress White
Selected from a pool of several hundred candidates, Artress White, Ph.D., visiting assistant professor of American cultural studies at Albright College, has been named the sole 2018 Trio Award recipient for her collection of poems, “My Afmerica,” to be published by Trio House Press.
“The poems in ‘My Afmerica’ seek to present the humanity of African American family life behind the terrifying headlines,” said White. “I write frankly about the trauma and joys that we deal with as a national community that transcend those same racial boundaries.”
As a poet, essayist, literary critic and the author of the 2012 poetry collection “Fast Fat Girls In Pink Hot Pants,” White’s poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in the “Harvard Review,” “Poet Lore,” “Ecotone,” “The Account,” “Pleiades” and “Solstice.”
“Winning the 2018 Trio Award from Trio House Press represents the highest form of acknowledgement for years spent writing and crafting poems for a broader audience,” said White. ”Each of the dozen poems that I published from the collection in a national literary journal over the last four years has brought me closer to this moment.”

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