BlipBox synthesizer

Albright professor shares music tech with Kindergarteners

Supported by a grant from the Reading Musical Foundation, Albright College faculty member, Mike D’Errico, Ph.D., is teaching core music elements to Kindergarten students at Albright Early Learning Center.

He captures the attention of the children with BlipBlox synthesizers — designed specifically for children.

BlipBox synthsizers
BlipBox synthesizer

BlipBlox synthesizers utilize abstract colors and symbols to represent different musical components, including oscillating frequency, filters and other effects. So, instead of employing technical jargon and specialized terminology only accessible to music technology professionals, the synthesizers use colors and differently-sized knobs and buttons to intuitively guide players toward understanding the signal flow of electronic sound.

Over his eight week workshop series, D’Errico, chair and assistant professor of music as well as director of music technology and composition at Albright, guides Kindergarteners through instrumentation, rhythm, frequency, synthesis, modulation and effects, recording and sequencing — focusing on the fundamentals of music technology and music theory.

Meet Mike D’Errico, Ph.D.

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