Red Eyed Tree Frog in Costa Rica

Exploring faculty-led experiences in Ecuador, Hawaii and Costa Rica

Thirty Albright College students from a variety of academic areas are taking part in faculty-led educational trips to Ecuador, Hawaii and Costa Rica during this winter’s Interim Session, coordinated by the college’s Experiential Learning and Career Development Center.

While in Cuenca, Ecuador, Albright students — led by faculty members Brian Jennings, Ph.D. (sociology) and Justin Couchman, Ph.D. (psychology) live with an Ecuadorian family and take classes with Albright and local faculty. As a group, faculty and students explore the mountain and coastal portions of Ecuador.

With a focus on completing field research on the Hawaiian Humpback Whale, students studying with Marsha Green, Ph.D. (psychology) in Maui during the Interim Session learn humpback whale field research techniques, participate in discussions on the geopolitics of protection and learn about protecting the oceans and its inhabitants while experiencing ancient Hawaiian lifestyle.

Red Eyed Tree Frog in Costa Rica
This red-eyed tree frog was spotted by Albrightians in Costa Rica, January 2020,

Led by faculty members, Stephen Mech, Ph.D. (biology) and Abby McGovern, Ph.D. (Spanish), students studying in Costa Rica during the Interim Session visit and learn about several different ecosystems, conservation efforts and cultural sites across the country, including Albright College’s Casa de Gratitude at Río de Sueños property and the newly established Kamakiri Biological Field Station. The travelers learn field techniques and participate in scientific research focusing on field-based observations of small mammals, bats, birds and reptiles.

Several scholarships, including the Beall Scholarship for Study Abroad and the Betsy Kiddy International Study Fund are available to Albright students who need help funding study abroad experiences.

Similar faculty-led Albright College trips are taking place over Spring Break to:

  • Madrid and Paris
  • Spain
  • Costa Rica
  • Amsterdam, Paris and Madrid

Learn more about study abroad and study abroad scholarships at Albright College.

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