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Classroom skills translate to internship experience

Taking on her third internship, marketing and public relations sophomore, Emily Lucier ’23, was happy to work remotely for Party Host Helpers — a company that connects party hosts with the best event staff for any occasion.

“Being virtual made it very easy to work around my school and work schedule,” she said.

But Lucier was most pleased by the connection she found between the working world and her Albright College classes.

“It was enlightening seeing that some of the skills I am being taught in school are going to be put into real-life in my future line of work, and I saw that first-hand during this internship experience,” she said.

Working virtually with Party Host Helpers, Lucier managed social media for three of the company’s regions: Charlotte, N.C., Palm Beach and Tampa, Fla. In addition, she worked closely with regional directors to develop ideas and strategies relating to marketing, public relations and community outreach.

“Although I use social media in my daily life, I learned so many tips and tricks to work the business aspect of it — such as analytics and scheduling,” she explained. “Specifically, I wrote and posted multiple website blog posts, posted social media content and created advertisements for the company.

Social media sign post art

“I learned many skills, especially marketing strategies, blog post creation and all the different components of a national company. From this experience, I learned that I really enjoy creating content and running social media accounts.”

Both of Lucier’s previous internships involved working under one branch of a company with the same people. “This internship broadened my understanding of what goes into a national company, and all the different branches within it. I was able to network with people from all over the United States, which will be most useful as I continue my job search in the future.”

“Overall, I had a wonderful internship experience. It was fun for me to get to know the event industry and learn more about how a national company runs. I loved collaborating with the other interns as well, especially because we were all college interns attending schools in Pennsylvania. Not only did I work with Party Host Helpers, but I was also given the opportunity to do some work with the CEO’s other company, called Events by Renee. It was a great opportunity to be able to get so much experience with just one internship!”

The experience may have also sharpened Lucier’s focus for her future in the field of marketing.

“This internship inspired me to want to work for myself, just like my mentor did to create Party Host Helpers and Events by Renee,” said Lucier. “I also learned that I love networking and meeting new people and want to make sure I do that in my future line of work.”

“Right after my internship concluded, I decided to complete a real estate salesperson course and now hold a New Jersey Real Estate license. I can see myself continuing that path because I can work for myself and continue to utilize the skills that I have learned.”

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