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PennDot grant approved for Albright College pedestrian safety project

Albright College has been approved by the Reading Area Transportation Study Coordinating Committee for a $168,475 PennDOT TASA grant to help fund a pedestrian safety project. The Albright College Pedestrian Safety Initiative will increase accessibility for people with limited mobility and other disabilities by constructing and modifying ADA-compliant/accessible curb cuts throughout Albright’s campus and College Heights neighborhood.

A recently completed Community Needs Assessment, conducted by Albright faculty and students in cooperation with the College Heights Community Council, identified pedestrian safety as a priority concern for the neighborhood. Nearly 150 students and neighborhood residents participated in the assessment.

In addition to college students and residents, the target area for this project is traversed by a significant number of out-of-town visitors attending athletic events, theatre performances, lectures and art exhibits throughout the year. Enhancing pedestrian safety in the college’s neighborhood is expected to make the College Heights area more attractive to prospective students and potential homebuyers, while improving student and resident access to neighborhood businesses.

Albright College campus sign

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