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Cuban Found-Object Artist to Visit Albright

Visiting Cuban artist Julio Cepeda will discuss his creative process and experiences at Albright College’s Center for the Arts Sculpture Studio, Noon on Sept. 25. Cepeda’s work is currently on display at the GoggleWorks through Oct. 12.
Julio Cepeda is a found-object artist from Trinidad, Cuba. Through his hands, discarded items become sculptures and 3D murals of extraordinary beauty and intellectual depth, creating a sense of familiarity with the community from where the found objects originated.
“What most people see and understand as trash, for me, is raw material,” says Cepeda. “One man’s trash is certainly my treasure.” In addition to trash, Cepeda searches the workplaces of mechanics, plumbers, electricians and others. “The overriding concept in my work is that of recycling,” says Cepeda, who will be speaking to art students at Albright College.
Albright student-artists benefit from a wide-range of offerings, including art history, arts administration and digital studio art. Art majors choose from a full range of design, drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, filmmaking, photography and graphic arts courses in the college’s renowned Center for the Arts. Also home to the college’s music and theatre programs, the Center for the Arts is a fusion of architecture and art, with a sculpture at its center. Its facilities include Wachovia Theatre, five soundproof rehearsal rooms, the acoustically correct Roop recital hall, multiple art studios, two major art galleries, as well as printmaking and darkroom facilities.

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