Artwork in student gallery

Accelerated Degree Student Artwork on Display

Watercolor, design and drawing artwork created by Dr. Richard Hamwi’s School of Professional Studies students is now on display in the Center for the Arts at Albright College.
More than 15 adults, like Computer and Information Systems degree students Tim Kiester and Michael Pilat, are pursuing accelerated programs at Albright while juggling full-time jobs and family life.
“I had not taken an art course since high school over 20 years ago, so this was definitely an out-of-the-box experience for me,” said Kiester. “Spending my evenings creating art was incredibly relaxing, so I am hoping to be able to find time to continue the practice.”
Accelerated Art Design, Drawing and Watercolor Painting classes are designed to get students out of their comfort zone and pursue new ideas one evening per week, over a five to seven week period.
“We were asked to produce two pieces of artwork per week, so there was a real feeling of accomplishment at the end of the seven weeks when we had a sizeable portfolio and could see how far we had progressed,” said Kiester.
Pilat is most looking forward to giving his wife and daughter a tour of the gallery. “I was a graphic and web designer in my past and while I was very proficient in creating digital artwork, I have always wanted to learn different techniques of physical artwork,” said Pilat. “I never had the confidence to even try before these classes and I have proven to myself that I can in fact express myself through my art.”
Artwork will be on display until August 10 — so visit this first of its kind exhibit on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., in the Art Department’s Student Gallery, room 206.
Artwork in student gallery

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