Jason Brader

Albright College coach launches second performance book

Jason Brader, director of sports performance at Albright College has released a new book, “Keep Climbing: Daily Strategies for Peak Performance.”

Jason Brader, director of sports performance at Albright College

Drawing from more than two decades of motivating people to reach their full potential, Brader’s new book combines handwritten motivational notes at the beginning of each chapter with actionable lessons and activities that provide motivation throughout the year. Each letter of the alphabet is a theme that equips readers to attack their goals. This unique piece allows readers to utilize strategies that have helped business leaders, coaches, teachers, athletes and people suffering from addiction break barriers and reach their full potential.

Brader has managed thousands of athletes and developed his own strength coach software as the founder of FASST Performance. A former Division III All-American football running back and a member of the Muhlenberg College athletic hall of fame, Brader has trained high profile professional athletes such as second round MLB draft pick Matt McBride (Cleveland Indians), first round and seventh overall NFL draft pick Kevin White (Chicago Bears), and NFL fifth round draft pick Devin Street (Dallas Cowboys).

“I’ve been working on mindset and peak performance my entire career,” said Brader. “This year my goal was to create a book that compiled different strategies and activities that would enable people of all ages to optimize both their mental and physical performance. The result is my newest book, ‘Keep Climbing: Daily Strategies for Peak Performance,’ and I’m excited that the book is now available on Amazon.”

Brader completed a self-help memoir, “Why Not Me: An A to Z Memoir and Self Help Guide for Overcoming Adversity, Addiction, and Relentlessly Pursuing Life Goals,” in 2019 and is listed as a co-author on “Winning Mindset: Elite Strategies for Peak Performance” (2021).

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