"New Degree in 3"

Three year Psychology degree now available

Bachelor degree-seeking students can now complete a Psychology degree at Albright College a year early. The college’s “degree in three” programs are designed to allow academically-motivated students to save tuition dollars by completing their degree requirements early, without sacrificing curriculum.

"New Degree in 3"

In addition, students entering Albright with advanced placement courses, Dual Enrollment, or other college credit will have further flexibility in completing these programs while realizing additional cost savings. Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in order to complete the psychology degree in three years.

As part of the undergraduate experience at Albright College, psychology students are afforded a number of opportunities to conduct research independently, or in partnership with faculty mentors. Often, their work is presented to professionals and scholars at gatherings of organizations like the American Chemical Society, the Eastern Psychological Association and the Higher Education Council of Berks County.

Albright’s Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology offerings also include Psychobiology (behavioral and molecular), Health Psychology, and a Child Psychology co-major. A Master of Science in Applied Psychology degree is also available.

Other Degree in Three programs at Albright College include Sociology and Fashion Merchandising.

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