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Albright adds Legal Studies co-major

Albright College has added a new co-major in legal studies to its full slate of undergraduate majors and minors. Students pursuing legal studies at Albright will learn how law shapes and is shaped by politics, economics, and culture.

Legal Studies is an interdisciplinary co-major that consists of required political science and philosophy courses and optional business and music industry courses.

Because law pervades American society and many different industries, students are encouraged to personalize the legal studies co-major by combining it with another major, such as political science, economics, history, computer science, business or environmental studies.

Nearly half of Albright students take advantage of Albright’s distinctive co-major programs, which enable students to cross or combine different programs, without taking longer to graduate.

This expanded course of study serves as academic preparation for law school and complements Albright’s pre-law program. Students study the place of the legal system among civil institutions and develop the ability to read, understand and critically assess court cases.

“This program will give students the tools to navigate complex legal and regulatory issues in the real world,” said Hayley Munir, Ph.D., assistant professor of political science at Albright College. “As a result, students who complete this program will be well-rounded job candidates prepared to succeed in a variety of professions.”

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