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Albright adds ‘entertainment industry’ business track

Albright College has named entertainment industry as a new track, available through its robust bachelor’s degree in business administration program. Six other tracks in the program include economics, finance, international business, management, marketing and sport management. The college also offers an interdisciplinary major in accounting, economics and finance with tracks that focus on accounting or financial analysis.

Albright recording studio

The new entertainment industry program complements Albright’s popular major in Music Industry Studies, which is a blend of courses in music business, music technology and artistry – balancing all areas of the music industry.

“The business of music is very different from the technology and performance sides of the field,” said A.J. Merlino, DMA, director of music industry studies and associate dean of student professional development and experiential learning at Albright College. “Careers in the entertainment industry include artist and tour managers, publicists, entertainment lawyers, booking agents and more. To prepare for these careers, students need strong business skills, as well as an awareness of the nuances of the entertainment business, that include differences in law, finance and more.”

In addition to learning to understand and effectively communicate relevant accounting, economics, finance, information technology, marketing and management concepts, students pursuing this new track will develop a broad knowledge of entertainment industry-standard business practices, as well as practices related to artist management, entertainment marketing, event promotion and intellectual property law.

Albright business students begin their business coursework in their first college year. Core courses range from accounting, economics, statistics and finance to management, marketing, information systems and business strategy. And the college’s faculty work one-on-one with students to identify career paths, prepare for the job search process and chart long-term professional development. Along the way, Albright graduates also develop key interpersonal abilities, adaptability and communication skills.

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